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Luck + Death: the Soundtrack for the Movie in Your Head

The free soundtrack album for Luck + Death is now available after much work and planning. Fourteen tracks by artists in eight countries (Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Hungary, Sweden, Turkey, and the U.S.A.).

This is a varied array of musicians and composers, from independent musicians like Jason Brock and Stefan Thaens, to film composer Nathan Fleet, to veteran performer John Pazdan, to classical composer Russell Wilson.

This Version

Styles range from dreamy electronic to jumped up funk to electronic classical, all of it spiced up with spoken word performance and bookended by field recordings from the streets of Shanghai.

All tracks are available for streaming or for download as MP3s and the album comes with the choice of two different versions of the cover art, This Version (above) and That Version (below).

That Version

And this is a project that appreciates music as more than just a spectator sport. One track is a mix by the author called El Paraíso Perdido (Paradise Lost), which has been posted on ccMixter.org with an invitation to anyone and everyone to remix it, deconstruct it, or reinvent it. New mixes will be posted on the soundtrack home page.

Get it here: Luck + Death: the Soundtrack for the Movie in Your Head.


Luck + Death Trailer (Hungry Ghost Edition)

The first trailer for Luck + Death from Hipper Tiger Books. Watch it below or see it on Vimeo.


Luck + Death Trailer (Jung Jing Road Edition)

The second trailer for Luck + Death from Hipper Tiger Books.  Watch it below or see it on Vimeo.


Luck + Death Trailer (Gat’s Nightmare Edition)

The third trailer for Luck + Death from Hipper Tiger Books.  Watch it below or see it on Vimeo.


Brace + Erase: A Dramatized Reading of the First Chapter of Luck + Death

Before Luck and Death was released, I recorded a reading of the first chapter, Brace + Erase. I fileshared the recording from Brazil, where I was busily finishing the novel, and it was downloaded by the awesome guys at TTG Music Lab, who cleaned up the sound, added a professional score, and then layered in some ambient sound effects and background dialogue.

The guys at TTG went far beyond what I was hoping for, creating a really creative, tailored sound file. But that’s what they do, after all. Their normal gig is scoring feature films and television shows (for which they’ve received a Gemini Award, the Canadian equivalent of a Grammy).

Listen Now

You can listen to the track below, courtesy of SoundCloud.


Download the MP3

If you don’t feel like being tethered to your computer and would rather listen to the first chapter of Luck and Death while doing dishes, going for a run, or just lying in the dark, download the MP3 and load it onto whatever you prefer to use for such things.



I also took the final sound file and created a simple video with a montage of images, so you can listen to it or watch it, according to your preferences.


If you like the score that TTG Music Studio created — and why wouldn’t you? — check out the band Two Tall Guys, which shares personnel with the studio, as well as the solo music of Geoff Bennett, whose a key player at the studio and in the band.

The latest Two Tall Guys album, Airport People, is available as a download or CD through CDBaby (click here to hear samples) as is Geoff’s most recent solo album, Next of Skin (click here to hear sample).

You can find more albums at their store and you can click play on the video below to hear the title track from Airport People.

The most recent albums from Geoff Bennett and Two Tall Guys (click to visit their store).

The most recent albums from Geoff Bennett and Two Tall Guys (click to visit their store).


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